Fair-ON-Pay Report


Fair-ON-Pay Report

The report explains key findings on equal pay based on the analyses carried out as part of Fair-ON-Pay certifications.

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The report can be downloaded free of charge as a PDF or ordered in printed form.


Key findings

Key findings on Fair-ON-Pay gender pay gap results, gender pay distribution, function structure, hierarchy, etc.

Fair-ON-Pay Report 2024

The second edition of the Fair-ON-Pay Report is based on data from over 250 companies and nearly 200,000 employees.

  • After taking into account existing objective and non-discriminatory factors from an initial gross pay gap of 18.7%, there is still a -3.7% pay gap between women and men.
  • Approximately 5% of companies did not receive the Fair-ON-Pay certificate, and in all cases the pay gap was to the disadvantage of women.
  • 93% of the companies have a net pay difference to the disadvantage of women.

Fair-ON-Pay Report 2021

The first edition 2021 summarizes the results of 193 analyzed companies and 154,500 employees in Switzerland. The report is only available in french or german.

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