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Fair-ON-Pay: a pragmatic process with a single point of contact

Fair-On-Pay’s standardized process is simple and efficient. Companies only need to provide certain personnel data. Fair-ON-Pay experts then take over the entire preparation of the data and its consistent and correct processing for the gender pay gap analysis. Therefore, no on-site meetings are required.

The process itself is divided into several steps. Fair-ON-Pay experts are your direct point of contact throughout the process. In general, the Fair-ON-Pay analysis process takes only 4 to 6 weeks.


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Data Delivery & Validation

  • Data delivery (with step by step checklist)
  • Verification of base data & questions to the client (normally 2 to 3 cycles)
  • If needed, survey of the highest level of education per employee with our cloud application “Educati-ON” (self-service)
  • Validation and preparation of data for analysis

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Core Process Steps

Equal Pay Analysis & Reporting

  • Log-ON analysis & additional in-depth analyses
  • Experts run various analyses on the basis of alternative calibrations of the criteria in order to better understand, interpret and qualify the final result
  • Experts prepare a full technical report with detailed information on data preparation (calibration)
  • Experts prepare an extensive results report with details regarding the process, the method and the results
  • If required, experts preparate an additional report with recommendations for action (idenification of outltiers)

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Independent Audit & Issuance of Certificate

  • Indepdent quality control of the Fair-ON-Pay reports by SGS
  • Issuance of the SGS “Fair-ON-Pay” certificate
  • Short debriefing with the certified company, in order to explain the results and discuss further steps in matters of communication (do’s and dont’s)

no workload on your side

The Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) verifies the compliance of the documents with the Fair-ON-Pay standard and the quality standards and issues the SGS Fair-ON-Pay certificate if all requirements are met.

The certificate is valid for 4 years. A maintenance analysis is performed two years after the 1st analysis.

There is a standardized procedure with a checklist for data preparation. The Fair-ON-Pay experts as well as SGS maintain absolute confidentiality (the data submitted will not be used for other services).

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